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Boot into the Windows installer

On the first screen press SHIFT + F10

# diskpart
# list disk
# select disk 0
# list part
Look for the Windows partition

# select part 3
# assign letter=W
# format quick fs=NTFS
# list volume
Look for the EFI volume

# select volume 2
# assign letter=Z
# exit

# D:
Goto the USB installer of Windows
# cd D:\sources
# dir install*
The file install.esd exists

# dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:D:\Sources\install.esd
Select the Index of the version of Windows you want

# dism /Apply-image /ImageFile:D:\Sources\install.esd /index:6 /ApplyDir:W:\
# bcdboot W:\Windows /l en-us /s Z: /f UEFI
Shutdown your computer and remove the USB installer
Now we have the Microsoft EFI boot files in the EFI partition in its designated folder

Follow the normal procedure of installing Windows

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